Robert Cowen Investments was started in 1982 by Robert Cowen in order to manage private client assets, and is now positioned as a niche investment house, specializing in family wealth management. Robert Cowen Investments prides itself on being able to provide a comprehensive investment, administration and accounting service with a great deal of emphasis on personal service.

RCI Latest News

The world is awash with panicky news about Greece whereas the fallout from China is much more important to the South African investor.
We use a lot of graphs to show the effect has been minimal thus far unless you are a Chinese investor who joined the bubble too late. (We are ignoring the poor Greeks who will suffer hardship but have little effect on our clients).

RCI Flexible Managed unit trust – closed June at 380.492c, down by 0.34% for the month but still up 8.22% from the start of 2015 (including dividends and all costs). It is 12.08% higher than a year ago which compares favourably with the JSE Top 40 which is only up 7% over 12 months. According to the latest Sunday Times, of the Flexible Unit Trusts we are in position 15 out of 89 so we are firmly where we like to be – in the top quartile